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I worked closely with director Lauren Pringle to create the sound design for her project Shove. The film was premiered on Vice Medias ID Magazine and later released by Boiler Rooms Visual Arts Platform 4:3 . 

Between 2010 - 14, around 56 million abortions occured worldwide each year. An estimated 25 million of those are thought to be unsafe.  


Seed is the second short by Director Josh Feder that I have composed an original soundtrack for. The film was funded by Film London and screened in the 2019 London Short Film Festival.

Original score composed for Seed, 2018 ( BFI and Film London) 

'After student Adel is publicly humiliated and detained by the police, he returns home forced to choose between his authoritative father Khalil and Omar, a notorious former gangster and charismatic self-styled preacher.'

Love Story

My soundtrack for Love Story was created with guitarist Harry Christelis and was the beginning of a working collaboration with directors Josh Feder and Saul Abraham that continues to this day. 


Composed, produced and mixed soundtrack, 2015.

‘A rugged but magnetic outsider, Henry, arrives in town at night - his clothes filthy, a duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He soon has a series of seemingly chance encounters with a younger local girl, Jenna, who appears isolated and vulnerable.’

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