The Turning Of The Leaves

The Turning Of The Leaves, Installation

Audio / Visual Installation, 30min.

Exhibited at the Union Chapel 2017

“Drawing inspiration from Jungian theory of the un-conscious, Josh Grey-Jung has created a multi-channel sonic imagining of the initiates journey into the realm of spirit. The cyclical composition juxtaposes passages of focused sound and dialogue, as written and performed by Jack Miguel, with moments of purposeful dis-orientation that challenge the audience to find clarity and meaning by moving through the physical space.”

The Turning Of The Leaves, Installation
The Turning Of The Leaves, Installation
The Turning Of The Leaves, Installation
The Turning Of The Leaves, Installation

The Turning of the Leaves is a meditation on the subject of masculinity with reference to the First World War and the phenomenon of intergenerational trauma. It's named after a ceremony that takes place in Manchester Cathedral, in which a page is turned in the Book of Remembrance on alternate Wednesdays.

Drawing on research, interviews and participation in mens groups and influenced by the work of Carl Jung, Ted Hughes and the many voices of Kendrick Lamar, the installation is concerned with the challenges facing men today amidst inherited narratives of power, violence and invulnerability.


Written and directed by artist and poet Jack Miguel, in collaboration with award winning filmmaker Taz Tron Delix and electronic musician and sound artist Josh Grey-Jung, long form lyrical text is brought to life through multi screen video projection and a dynamic score produced in surround sound. The outcome is a complex, original and compelling vision of the human psyche.

Heavier Than Air

'Heavier than Air' was co-created with Buster Grey-Jung and is a response to the north-western desert state of Rajasthan. Shot on 8mm film stock, the 16 minute short draws inspiration from a culture heavily steeped in spirituality and ritual. The title is a reference to the many kites that dot the skies in the cities and towns throughout Rajasthan. 

In July 2018, Buster and I attended a residency in Poland and set up a site specific installation of the piece in the grounds of an 18th century Baroque Palace. 

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Holy River of Plastic

During my residency in Kolkata, I co-created a site-specific audio/visual installation with local video artist Baishampayan Saha.


Through deconstruction and abstraction of field recordings made on walks around the city, I aimed to convey the impacts of globalisation on the rapidly developing region. 


The composition transitions from the imagined journey of plastic waste flowing through the sewers of the city, to an abandoned litter of puppies whose cries are drowned out by a tsunami of car engines and train horns. And ends with recordings made at the cities industrial burning ghats, where the bodies of the dead are incinerated on pyres under a vast web of twisting pipes and humming extractor fans. 


'Holy River of Plastic' was exhibited in Kolkata in January 2018, on a boat that carried audiences along the Hooghly River from Babughat up to the Burning ghats.  

Special thanks to the good people at Littlei & Culture Monks for providing me with their local knowledge, facilities, support and friendship. 

Audio-Visual installation, 13 min 40sec. Exhibited on a Boat on the Hooghly River, Strand Rd, Kolkata, West Bengal 700021, India (2018).

Solo Acoustmatic Composition, 13 min 40sec, (2018).

Bed 35

In April 2018 I was asked by UDK Berlin to form an artistic response to a building of my choice. I decided on University College Hospital. 


Patient: Johanna Antonia Grey 

Bed Number: 35 

Whilst being treated for Cancer Johanna suffered from morphine induced hallucinations. She would recount these visions back to me with such an intensity that I almost believed the stories to be real.

Combining field recordings made at the hospital and interviews with Johanna's Daughter, I constructed a sonic re-imagining of Johanna's experiences.


In July 2017, I was invited to part-take in the Barbican Centres "Open Lab" event. A collective of multi-disciplinary artists were provided with space and resources to develop existing work, create new work and collaborate across platforms. During this workshop I co-created a sound sculpture (30kg) with poet Jack Miguel, which formed part of the closing exhibition.

A Sound Sculpture. Exhibited at the Barbican Centre 2017.

For this piece we used contact mics to capture the impact of dripping wax and then processed this signal to create an immersive listening environment in 5.1 surround sound. The melting block of wax was representative of the transformative effect of grief.